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jewelry for sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin and can only wear certain kinds of jewelry. If I wear the wrong kind, my skin breaks out in a horrible rash that burns, itches and can become infected. I have researched and tried several different kinds of jewelry and have found many types that I can wear without any issues. If you share the same problem, this blog can help. You will find a list of things that you can wear without any problems and what you should always avoid. Hopefully, what you learn will help you avoid the troublesome trial and error that I have gone through.

The Convenience Of Watch Repairs: Preserve Your Timepiece Instead Of Replacing It

Watches are a coveted timepiece commonly worn by individuals for various reasons. While some people use them solely to tell time, they've become quite a fashion statement piece over the years. No matter the brand or style of watch you love to wear, it's crucial to know that watches are naturally subject to wear and tear over time, which could require watch repair.  Reasons Watch Repair Is Necessary You may need to have a watch repaired for one or more of the following reasons: Read More 

Ready To Propose? Top Reasons To Choose A Custom Designed Ring

Finding a special someone who you want to spend forever with is truly something to cherish. Not everyone can say they have ever been able to connect with another individual so much that they can't imagine themselves without them. You are in a special category and you want your partner to understand just how much they mean to you. When you are ready to pop the big question and want to do it in style, take a look at why a custom-designed engagement ring is the only way to go. Read More 

Three Antique Cameos To Consider Buying

If you love the look of antique pieces of jewelry, perhaps because it's appealing to know that a piece you wear today likely had one or more previous owners who wore it for decades, you'll want to visit an online antique jewelry store. These retailers carry a wide range of pieces for every budget. You can expect to see a lot of vintage cameos for sale. While new cameos are not common today, cameos were an extremely common type of jewelry in the past, depicting a side profile of a glamorous woman. Read More