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jewelry for sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin and can only wear certain kinds of jewelry. If I wear the wrong kind, my skin breaks out in a horrible rash that burns, itches and can become infected. I have researched and tried several different kinds of jewelry and have found many types that I can wear without any issues. If you share the same problem, this blog can help. You will find a list of things that you can wear without any problems and what you should always avoid. Hopefully, what you learn will help you avoid the troublesome trial and error that I have gone through.

How To Create Professional Looking Jewelry

If you are actually a licensed jewelry maker who owns your own business, you already know that success comes when you offer professional, one-of-a-kind pieces to your customers, jewelry that nobody else is going to make quite like you do. Pretty much anybody can string beads onto string and make a bracelet or necklace. However, to make something unique and gorgeous, you need a combination of talent, know-how, and the right materials that will have your customers coming back for more of your personally designed pieces of jewelry. Read More 

Stepping Stones To Diamonds: Promise And Forever Rings And How They Step Up To Engagement Rings

Promise rings and "forever" rings are two types of rings you can give someone you want to marry, or want to spend the rest of your life with, but cannot currently afford a wedding right now. Both of these types of symbolic rings have become very popular with couples who know that they will probably wed, but have other things happening in their lives that they want to need to do right now. Read More 

5 Issues That Mean Your Rolex May Need A Repair

A Rolex watch is a classic timepiece. It has an incredible amount of technology and engineering behind it, in addition to looking great. Of course, a Rolex is an investment that you want to last as long as possible, and therefore you need to know when certain signs appear that indicate a need for a repair instead of just waiting them out in hopes of things getting better. Here are 5 issues to look out for: Read More 

Bling ‘Em & Cuff ‘Em: Today’s Trendy Jewelry Makes It Fun To Shop For Fashion-Forward Friends

There's something all non-fashion types should know: shopping for your fashion-sensitive friends is now fun. Simply remember these two rules: Jewelry is a perfect gift for loved ones. If it's hot in Milan or Paris, they will want it. With that in mind, here are some of the hottest European looks making it to the U.S. shops: Outrageously elegant earrings are way in. Forget sedate little studs or skinny hoops when shopping for a friend who loves earrings. Read More 

Beginners Grading Guide: Five Most Common Coin Grades To Help Beginning Collectors

Collecting coins can be a very rewarding hobby. You can buy all sorts of coins for your collection and even find interesting coins in your spare change. The condition of coins can also vary, affecting their value. So, you will want to know the basics of coin grading when you start collection. Here are some tips to help you get started grading your coins and growing your collection: 1. Uncirculated Coins That Are In Perfect Condition Read More